Vibration of the A7R shutter compared to D3 and NEX-7 using a seismometer

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Re: Vibration of the A7R shutter compared to D3 and NEX-7 using a seismometer


Thanks for the test and your post. Whilst I agree that the results raise some questions, I think we need to be mindful of how significant this may or may not be.....

1)  There are now a great many posts across the internet which show that the A7r delivers wonderfully sharp and detailed images.

2)  Reviewers seem happy to compare the output of their tests favorably with a D800, the reigning DSLR king of resolution.

3)  The test of hand-holding shows a lower frequency vibration or shake that is as big and sometimes bigger in amplitude than the shutter induced vibration of the camera mounted on the desk.  To me, this really invites the question of whether the shutter shock is worth worrying about if you're a hand-holder.

I used to shoot medium and large format.  I once tested my ability to hand-hold a medium format camera in good light by comparing side by side tripod and handheld shots of a test chart or bank notes.  I thought I was pretty steady as a hand holder at "reasonable" shutter speeds, but that simple test soon provided an education....... A tripod is always better.  I learned to reach for one at shutter speeds I previously though were good for hand-holding.  It's a pity they're such a long gangly thing to carry all the time and so inconvenient in many contexts.

Cheers, Rod

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