Some recent photo's

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Re: Some recent photo's

Some nice pictures there. Processed DNGs I presume? The jpeg output wasn't that good even with the sharpening set to -2 due to artifacts. I found myself being forced to Dng to get something decent from it even though the zoom on my GX100 was a good copy. Good camera other than that.

Most Ricohs, even the old ones like the classic R3/R4 have problem with oversharpening and should be set to Low for a neutral look. I've slowly begun to compare sharpening -1 and -2 with the GRDI to test what works best there. Unlike some other Ricohs sharpening normal with the GRDI is not overcooked really.

But that small project has temporarily stopped or at least being slowed down due to problem with dust which force me to carry it in a small case and the Contax TVS Digital which can be carried directly in a tight pocket are not facing any sensor dust so far even though I carry it that way at least three days a week for over half a year. And it performs very well. Together with the R3 it is the two cameras I've reached out for the most during 2013.

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