The best DX camera in the world

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Re: The best DX camera in the world Pentax K3, stick a D444 label and F mount

Bajerunner wrote:

Richard Murdey wrote:

Nikon Convert wrote:

The D7100 is a great camera, but the extremely poor buffer is a real drawback and the smaller body size is a turn off for many.

I am absolutely certain that Nikon can no longer overlook the fact that the best DX DSLR in the world would be the most cost effective, most profit bearing and most eagerly anticipated product that they could possibly bring to the market.

Let us fantasy-design this hypothetical D400:

It looks like a D300. It has perhaps 18 or 24 megapixels, 6-7 fps, and, perhaps most importantly, a class-leading frame buffer. Dual SD slots. The usual video and liveview suspects. And while we are at it, built-in wifi and GPS.

By any credible analysis, the retail price of such a body would be $1999 US.

I'm sure some people would be interested. We can argue about whether those numbers would be bigger or smaller than the market for the Df, but I think we can all agree that the numbers would be small relative to the D600, 6D, a7. The value proposition is simply not there. I can imagine the reviews already...

It makes more sense for Nikon to come out with a D7300 with improved buffer and maybe GPS-wifi. Features which don't add much to the manufacturing costs, but would satisfy most of the remaining D400 holdouts.

Sounds much like the Pentax K-3 (not sure about wifi and video though).

Pentax has done it for USD 1,300.

I'd say it depends upon whether Nikon wants to match the K3 or blow it away.  A D7200 could probably match the K3 in most ways and perhaps exceed it in a few for about the same price.  A D400 could establish a new unequivocal "king of the hill" in APS-C (at a higher price point).   So, it depends entirely upon what strategy Nikon wants to deploy and probably what their revenue/profit estimates are for a separate D400 spot in the product line.  They obviously haven't been in a hurry to put a D400 into the product line so I'd say it's pretty hard to say what they are thinking in that regard.

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