What is in your travel bag?

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Re: What is in your travel bag?

I've had several travel opportunities this year, where I could take my brand new 70-200vr II or my brand new 80-400g (both purchased in the spring).   I took the 70-200 to Cancun, and wished for the range of the 80-400.   I took the 80-400 to Europe, and didn't miss the 70-200.   Given both lenses, I find the 70-200 to be much more of a specialty lens than the 80-400g.

When I used DX, I had 12-24DX, 24-70F2.8, 80-400 AF-D and 10.5 fisheye, all stuffed into that waist bag.   Going to FX changed things.  The 14-24 either didn't fit, or caused me to shove another lens out of the bag.  The 10.5 fisheye could still be used, but wasn't quite the same on a D700, even though it didn't usually need more than the 5mp DX crop resolution.  I take it along still, mostly because it's just so small that you can stick it in no matter how tight the space is.   And it's still fun on my D800e.

Anyway, with a D700, my waist bag kit went to just two lenses (24-70 and 80-200), plus the 10.5 for occasional use.  I gave up both focal ends for the nice quality in the middle.  24mm is generally wide enough.

For my most recent trip to Europe, I finally got the 16-35, since it would still fit in the waist bag.  And though it's bigger than the old 80-400, I took the new 80-400.  (It's essentially the same length as the 70-200).  Given DX crop cropability of the D800e, I'm better off now than I was with the old kit.

I've thought long and hard about the 24-120 in place of the 24-70.  Actually in place of the 16-35, 24-70 and the 80-400g!   How do you like it?

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