Unauthorised Dƒ Mod (Exposure Comp)

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Unauthorised Dƒ Mod (Exposure Comp)

I said this since day one, once the newness wore off my Dƒ I was going to put a drop of superglue in the exposure compensation detent.

So I did it.

Warnings: This will void your warranty, obviously, and could ruin your camera. Use at your own risk.  It uses stuff that will erode the camera.
It also uses chemicals known to the state of California to cause  ... something bad.

So I went to the local market to get some super glue. In German it's called "Sekundenkleber".

You have to make sure that you get the stuff that says it'll glue metal, but whatever it's called in your country, it's always CA (Cyanacrylate) that you want.

It hardens by taking moisture from the air (usually also your fingers!), so it takes a lot longer than I expected to set.  Prepare and practice this part in advance: you are going to need to weigh the knob down using something that is pointy and heavy enough to depress the lock. I used a pin jammed down through the bottom of a weighted box.

After having prepared your weighing solution, take one drop of super glue and work the lock up and down to get the glue well spread out between lock and knob.  Don't use more than one small drop or you could glue the ISO knob too!

Then apply the weight.  I recommend a pointy tip on whatever you're weighing with because you'll probably glue it down too (I used a push pin jammed through the bottom of a box with weight in it).

Now wait.

Make sure that the lock is pressed and just be patient.  Imagine if you're not, and the glue decides to set with the lock in the "locked" up position!

I checked it several times and probably made a bigger mess than necessary, but in the end, I let it sit a good solid hour before it was really set.  Don't bump your weight!  Again, CA takes moisture to set and there isn't much in the tight space between the lock and the dial.

When you're done and the CA is really set, hard and not tacky at all, you can clean up any extra with fingernail polish remover - at least on the silver one, I don't know if acetone will rub the black off of the black version, but it didn't rub off the paint on the scale.  It probably WILL ruin any plastic parts on the camera!

So anyway, if you love your Dƒ but want to punch the guy who put a lock on the exposure compensation knob, there you have it.  Be careful, and practice pressing the knob in advance!

The previous post was for entertainment purposes only.

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