Stylus 1 as good as E-M1 with 40-150

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Re: Stylus 1 as good as E-M1 with 40-150

photo perzon wrote:

Aaron Sur wrote:

You must be one of the unluckiest blokes around these parts.

First a faulty Stylus 1 and now a faulty EM-1 by the look of it.

Absolutely amazed you have stuck with Olympus.

Everyone here would love to see some examples of the comparison images.

Weird stuff happens when one actually takes pictures with a finds the feel for it, the timing, all sorts of results and magically the camera starts to give better results.

The thing is; even with the Stylus 1; nothing really weird happens when I take a picture; the ''feel'' for it comes from reading the manual and pushing the right buttons.  I gather you didn't read that manual at first, posted a thread a few days ago stating it was a bad camera....and now suddenly (and even magically) the Stylus is great again....

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