Who Here Uses Focus/Recompose with X Cameras?

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Re: Who Here Uses Focus/Recompose with X Cameras?

AustinB wrote:

Ed B wrote:

AustinB wrote:

Or do you prefer to set your focus points manually? I don't do much still life, and shoot lots of candid people shots. I'm finding the X-E1 EVF is lagging a little, and changing focus points is not as efficient as it was on past cameras I've had. For that reason I tend to prefer F/R, despite the issues it can present in any camera.

FWIW, I know the arguments against the technique with particular regards to DOF and focus accuracy. Just wondering what people's experiences and preferences are here?

I've owned a countless number of great cameras over the years, made a fair amount of money in the photography business, shot more weddings than I care to remember and have always used the focus and recompose method.

People can say whatever they want about the disadvantages and can use whatever method their hearts desire but 99% of out of focus shots are taken by amateurs using a different method.

This is a pretty down to earth forum. This question in other forums would draw some serious lecturing. Feeling better about my being inept with moving the focus point around quickly.

Well, everyone is different and should do whatever they feel is best for them but I'll agree that moving the focus point around and trying to position it exactly where you want it could be a pain in the neck (or other areas).

Everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks there opinion is the correct answer to any question so take anything you read on these forums with a grain of salt.

If you're in a studio environment or shooting landscapes there may be a better focusing method but for general photography, street shooting, portraits, etc. focus and recompose is very reliable.

Naturally, I'm sure several people would disagree with me and that's okay because as long as people are happy with their results, that's all that really matters.

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