Who Here Uses Focus/Recompose with X Cameras?

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Re: Who Here Uses Focus/Recompose with X Cameras?

AustinB wrote:

Do the two of you find that you don't lose a lot of shots with the technique?

Thx for your answers, by the way.

I use f/r all the time on rangefinders. With good technique, it is easy to do. I had a rough time at first, but had some good pointers and a lot of practice, so it is second nature now, even shooting at large apertures like 1.4. I have even carefully executed at 1.2. Of course, focal length and distance to subject are big factors due to DOF.

That being said though, I would take movable focus points any day over f/r. Just my opinion. Yes, it takes more time to do it this way vs practiced f/r, but given that time for a particular situation, I would change focus points on the screen. This is incredibly useful as well with cameras that allow you to change the focus point and then magnify on that chosen point.

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