Olympus E-M1 focus peaking is extremely laggy?

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Re: Olympus E-M1 focus peaking is extremely laggy?

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

Clyzm wrote:

If I really need peaking, I'll just map a myset to one of the function buttons, but otherwise the image quality is just too close for me to spend $600 more on the E-M1.

You do not need to use a MySet to map any one function, such as focus peaking, to a MySet to have a function button control it. Just map that function to the function button. MySets are for use with a series of different functions that you want to change for a given purpose. I change about three different things to shoot moving subjects vs stationary one so I have a MySet to cover both of those situations so I don't have to change all three setting individually.

Further, you can set focus peaking to come on when you moving the manual focus ring so you don't need to occupy a function button with the focus peaking function.

You use my sets so that when you aren't using peaking you can keep the EVF on high speed refresh rate.

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