What does the Df body style remind you of?

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Re: What does the Df body style remind you of?

Luego wrote:

Bamboojled wrote:

Luego wrote:

When I handled a Df in a camera shop recently, I was surprised how bulky the body was without a decent grip.

Film bodies from the 60's era were much slimmer and the Df reminded me more of a Pentax K-01 without a hump.



Such a sad attempt at trolling...

you should change your name to "Hasta Luego"

So you have no gear list, just a wish list...keep dreaming...;-)

No, I actually have a very nice system... I just don't feel the need to post all of my gear on the forum as if this is some badge of honor...

BTW, I do own a Df, and it is a fantastic camera for street shooting in existing light. This is where the camera excels...have you shot one?

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