Is it still "feasible" to use..

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Re: Is it still "feasible" to use..

... a "light/spot meter" or the the camera's sensor meter is good enough.

Back in the "Golden" days of film photography, I invested in a good light/spot meter when I used to shoot "slide films" as slides have very little latitude for over/under exposure. I used light/spot meter to increase my "keepers". If I can get at least 1/2 on 36 shot roll, I did good. Yes, I'm one of those that started from the "analog" days

With the advancement in the digital camera sensor (which is the heart of digital cameras), and every year or two, a new sensor comes out even better that the previous, would you say that the sensor's metering is good enough or better than a light/spot meter?

What's your take?

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Sure..! I use an Autocord TLR from time to time and I use my
V1 to meter with . It works great. There is no meter better than Nikon's Matrix

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