played with the x10 yesterday

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Re: some with-you cameras worse than DSLR

CAcreeks wrote:

jimoyer wrote:

You do realize you replied to a post from 2011 with a cell phone picture?

Yes, that was the first "camera you have with you" cliché that came up in search.

Another cliché is "information wants to be free". Once a slogan used by technology activists to resist the "system of governmental control of exclusivity", it's been turned on its head by big gov't and big business who are going for Big Data and Data Mining in a really big way.


It's amazing that DPreview kept track of the posts that I read two years ago in this thread, and Firefox shows them as visited links! This info must be in their database, because I delete browser cookies at the end of every session.

Yes, if you look closely, you'll see that its irrelevant what Firefox knows about visited links. Very shortly after the thread tree is displayed, DPReview's software "paints" the links with the appropriate colors (using Javascript, if I'm not mistaken) and you have to be logged in so it will know how to display the 'visited' status. As for the Big Data and Data Mining, DPReview is now aboard that lucrative train and if there's a way to monetize that information, they'll probably find and use it, possibly using Amazon's technology and resources.

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