Stylus 1 as good as E-M1 with 40-150

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Re: Stylus 1 as good as E-M1 with 40-150

Steven Wandy wrote:

photo perzon wrote:

Much better than PL5 or PM2.

Possible, but would doubt it in all circumstances, like low light where higher ISOs are needed.

AF speed same of Stylus 1 and E-M1

Very doubtful

AF accuracy similar

Again, possible but only in perfect circumstances (bright light and very high contrast)

IQ same in good light

Very doubtful, possibly close in perfect conditions

Stylus 1 is 14 ounces. E-M1 with 40-150 is 8 ounces more.

Here you made your point.

Funny thing. First you start a thread that the Stylus 1 is terrible compared to the PM2/PL5 and now you start another that it is as good as the EM1. So how do you explain your major shift in attitude towards this camera? Just curious.


I used it.  Focus was better for really far antennas with Stylus 1 than with E-M1 with 40-150 oly lens.

yes in good light.  In indoor light the Stylus is so so ISO 800 a good idea.

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