Michael Reichmann's take on smaller full frame Sony FE mount lenses

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Re: It is about usability

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Your example above presumes that MFT users want to match fast FF lenses in equivalence terms. I certainly don't want to do that. Rather, I am ready to sacrifice some speed (in equivalence terms) to have smaller and lighter lenses since this in turn makes it far more likely that I actually have them with me when I need them.

Right, I think its silly to assume M43rds users want "equivalent" lenses in terms of not only FL but also DOF and light gathering....

Most M43 users want "usability". They want the best tool for getting pictures that reach the quality threshold they have defined.

Exactly. An M43 user has decided that the smaller sensor gives him system size and weight benefits that he wants in exchange for less control over DOF and less ability to enlarge noise-limited images for viewing or printing at very large sizes. So it is sensible for an M43 user pick lenses that are "equivalent" in terms of field of view and exposure and ignore "equivalence" in terms of DOF or total light gathering (i.e., noise suppression).

An FF user on the other hand, must presumably want more DOF control and/or ability to print noise-limited images at larger sizes. If not, then why would such a user pay more for the large sensor?

Putting a slow lens on an FF camera in order to save size or weight seems kind of silly to me because it negates most of the advantages of the FF system.

And putting an FF DOF/noise-equivalent fast lens on an M43 camera is similarly silly since it negates most of the advantages of the M43 system.

Now I can certainly understand wanting to have one or two of these "silly" lenses to use in special circumstances, but in terms of the overall system and a collection of lenses they would surely be more the exception than the rule.

m43 needs to strive to be a system that can be used for serious as well as casual work.

Sure. But serious work is not the same as very shallow DoF in my book. If you do think you need more "DoF control" that MFT can provide, you are better off with FF. If instead, you want more "FL control" (more lenses in your bag rather than in a drawer back home), you may be better off with MFT.

This means it should enable users to shoot a stop faster than FF in most situations. For this the f/2 zooms are imperative for the system to be complete, in addition to the telephotos that Olympus is working on.What is silly is insisting that m43 is only about size and nothing else.

No I don't think it makes much sense for MFT to develop f/2 zooms. Those zooms are likely to be bigger, heavier, more expensive, and less-well performing at equivalent apertures than the corresponding f/4 zooms for FF. If you think you need faster zooms than f/2.8 on MFT, corrresponding to f/5.6 on FF, you are better off going FF.

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