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Ysbrand Galama wrote:

ZodiacPhoto wrote:

Also, ETTR can be used with JPG shooting. For example, a scene with plenty of mid-tones, and some shadows, but without much of meaningful highlights. The "proper" histogram will show most information in the mid-tones, with shadows clipped on the left, and not much going on in highlights. If you use ETTR to move mid-tones to the right, you can rescue shadows and reduce noise. of course, you will have to reduce brightness in post-processing.

Exactly what I thought. It doesn make sense to me why ETTR only works for RAW.

While it may make sense to ETTR if you shoot OOC jpegs too, it doesn't make sense unless you post-process the jpegs. And if you do, you are of course better off shooting RAWs since a post-processed RAW will provide better quality than a post-processed OOC jpeg.

Why would it make any difference whether you develop to JPEG in camera, or let some PC-software do it later?

When you let the camera develop the jpeg, the results when ETTRing (i.e., when exposing so as to take the brightest highlights you care to preserve just up to the clipping point but not beyond) will frequently not be what you want (too bright for low-contrast scenes, too dark for high-contrast scenes). In order to really take advantage of the ETTR idea, you need to post-process. And if you do, you are better off starting with RAWs than with jpegs.

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