What is in your travel bag?

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Re: What is in your travel bag?

I think in your travel bag you might consider swapping the 70-200 for the 80-400g, which is about the same size and weight (fatter).

My travel kit consists of the largest backpack I can count on putting on an airplane (Thinktank Airport Accelerator) coupled with the largest Thinktank waist bag (Speed Racer).   In my DX days, it used to look like this:

With waist bag loaded up (once on-site) like this:

D300 camera normally attached to the lens in the center of the bag.  24-70, 80-400, 12-24 and 10.5 fisheye in there.

Now I use the same bag, loaded in a similar way, but with D800e and D700 instead of D200/D300, and with updated lenses.  New 80-400g in place of old.  70-200 F2.8 goes underneath one flash, so I travel with only one - or none.   Sigma 35f1.4, Nikon 50F1.4g, 85F1.8g replace the old Nikon AF-D versions.  16-35 replaces both 12-24 and recently the 14-24.  (Can't find a way to fit the 14-24 in there.)

Weight is around 35lbs now, and it's a tradeoff on what to bring.   I only bring the D700 as an emergency backup.  Would rather have another D800e in there.   I tend not to use flash when I travel, so only bring one, sometimes none.    Can't fit my pocketwizards in there, but don't really need them when not bringing a flash either.   If I don't bring a tripod in my suitcase, I remove the collars from the 70-200 and 80-400 and take the L-plates off the camera bodies.

When I'm actually on-site (which is virtually always just vacation, if I'm traveling with camera gear), I pick a subset of gear and carry it in my waist bag if walking.  If driving, I just work out of the backpack, which is really nice.  I like having my toys to play with on vacation.  That's why I bought it.

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