Why A Totally Average Photographer Bought an E-M1

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Why A Totally Average Photographer Bought an E-M1

As some of you who’ve read other threads of mine have no doubt figured out, I’m not an expert photographer and never will be. Yet I recently got an E-M1 (it’s a combination Christmas present from my wonderfully understanding wife and reinvestment of remaining funds left over from selling all my Sony Alpha gear).

At this point, some / many of you may be saying “what does a doofus like Tom need with an E-M1, since he’s obviously not come remotely close to mastering his E-M5? Surely he realizes it won’t magically make him a better photographer. What a waste of a good camera!”

Well, here’s why somebody like me bought an E-M1: it is simply a wonderful camera to have, hold, handle and use! It exudes quality. It makes my E-M5 (even with the JB Camera Designs grip attached) seem almost cheap and primitive by comparison. It just feels right in my hands, more so than any DSLR/DSLT/MILC I have ever owned. In short, I am absolutely delighted with this camera!

And, the E-M1 does have features that I will actually use, even given my questionable skill level: the better ergonomics, the plethora of settings that can be accessed more directly and conveniently, Mysets assignable to the Mode dial, focus peaking, smaller and more precise AF points, improved IS, bigger and better EVF, higher resolution LCD, etc. etc. Certainly none of these will HINDER my taking better photos, and some may even help as my skills continue to evolve over time.

However, even if I don’t end up taking measurably pictures than I did before, I will find the photograph-taking experience more pleasurable every time I go out, and I will at the end of the day have some nice pics that satisfy me and my family. For a non-professional, that is not a bad thing!

The best example I can come up with is that comparing my E-M5 to the new E-M1 is like comparing a Chevrolet Equinox to a new Mercedes, Cadillac, Audi or other expensive luxury car. You can certainly get from point A to point B in the Chevy comfortably and with no effort. Quality-wise, it is head and shoulders better than cars you could have bought in years past. The speed limit will remain the same, regardless of which car you are in. Much of the time you won’t have occasion to use every single feature the Chevy has, much less those of the expensive new luxury car. The luxury car won’t make you a better driver. But, all things considered, many if not most of us would prefer the nicer, more expensive car, if they had the opportunity.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this. I wish all those who frequent this forum a very safe and Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season. Also, thanks to those of you who have been patient enough to answer some of the naive questions I've asked from time to time!

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