NEX 7 vs A7

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Re: NEX 7 vs A7

mike geier wrote:

I never said anyone has to agree with me, it's just my personal opinion.

There is nothing wrong with expressing an opinion. The issue may be that you expressed an opinion with no details. Most people can accept that different photographers have different needs. Someone shooting travel snaps is very different from someone shooting weddings professionally, etc. If you had described your photographic application, what lenses you used to compare the A7 and the NEX-7, what conditions you used to compare the cameras, and what lenses you would expect to be using with the A7 in the future, then others may have been able to understand why you returned the A7--and also relate your experience to their photographic needs...

Instead, you only said that you see better results with the NEX-7 (or only slightly better results with the A7--and not enough to justify the price). Since most people (rightly) expect a FF sensor to outperform an APS-C sensor with identical resolution, your opinion contradicts their expectations. Without any details to justify your conclusion, people are bound to be suspicious of your claim (even if it was only your opinion). Did you really expect that you could make such a bald statement and not provoke a reaction?

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