Why the RX10 may be great for me and maybe for many of you

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gary stepic
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Why the RX10 may be great for me and maybe for many of you

I own the Nikon D800 and D7100 and make some money with my gear but also use equipment for travel and family as well. I have a dream of someday being able to sell landscape prints. So far it is still a dream and it seems like a more practical use for my landscapes may be for blogging, which does not require the same standards in gear.

I had seriously considered selling my D800 and going for a MFT system. I do shoot a lot of sports so keeping my D7100 makes more sense and it would be very capable for weddings and portraits. So I started searching what was available for MFT systems. Carrying a lighter load was really appealing and very often I don't have any camera with me because it is too much to lug around.

It seemed like every MFT camera I looked like had some sort of compromise, and of course there is no perfect camera, that made me less than enthused about buying it. Someone on a thread I posted suggested the RX10 and I gave it a look.

The more I thought about it the more I realized this could be just what I need, hope so anyway because of the Adorama open box thread I ordered one. For example, next summer we are going on a beach vacation and the following year on a Disneyworld vaction. The Sony RX10 is so much more practical than my D800 for those vacations. The weather sealing, range, and size make it pretty ideal for those situations. It is a camera I can take with me everywhere I go. I can fit it in my messenger/laptop bag or can fit in a small belt pack type bag for walking around town or family events.

There are many times short video clips are better on vacations or for family events, and again the RX10 has me pretty excited about the video potential. My dslr cameras are very capable for video but shooting in bright sun can be a problem, will not be with the Sony. There are many times the tilting screen will be handy.

I am pretty fussy about quality so even though I considered point and shoots, I was not that excited about that option. It seems like RX10 really produces some quality images and videos, obviously will not match the D800, but will exceed point and shoots and for the vast majority of situations will be more than good enough.

So I have decided not to sell my D800, instead will sell my 24-120 4.0 lens. I will now take my 35-70 2.8 with me (it should work well as an event lens) when using the D800 along with my 16-35 4.0. For hiking it will be tough to leave my 70-200 behind as it is a great lens and not sure that I will. If the quality is good enough for most situations I may take the Sony with me instead. For landscapes most shots worthy of hanging on a wall probably would be taken with the 16-35 or 35-70 (can always stitch shots together).

Bottom line is the Sony seems like a camera I can take with me everywhere all the time and for the vast majority of situations will give me quality images and videos. Personally I thought the original price was worth it because of all the reviews I have read. When I was able to get it for under a $1000 it made my decision real easy. Thank you DPReview for being a great resource site and thank you posters for being so helpful and providing such useful information.



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