Besides Form Factor, Anything to be Gained from 18mm over Kit Lens?

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Re: Besides Form Factor, Anything to be Gained from 18mm over Kit Lens?

Jim Evidon wrote:

By kit lens, I assume that you are referring to the zoom lens. As great as the 18-55 f2.8 zoom is, a prime lens is always better in terms of field flatness, resolution and contrast. But if you are asking because you don't know what lens to buy, I recommend the 18-55 zoom lens. It is incredibly sharp, has good contrast and for a zoom lens, very little distortion. That way you will still have the 18mm focal length and the versatility of a zoom. Then you can save your money for a prime lens outside of the zoom range whether you prefer wider or narrower FOV. I have the 18-55 zoom as well as the 35mm f 1.4 prime lens which I bought for the extra f stops for very low light situations.

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Hey Jim, I have the zoom and 35mm. Good call.

Thanks all for some really excellent answers. Sounds like the 14mm may be the better option some day. I've not shot that wide before and can imagine it requires a lot of discretion... that's a lot to put into a frame.

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