Superior, compact tele for A7r?

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Re: Thanks, Rod...

Paul Richman wrote:

SLR lenses are just to big for what I want, and their adapters also too big.

Hi Paul,

The Leica Apo Telyt 135mm is longer and heavier than the majoity of DSLR 135mm lenses (eg Nikon, Pentax and OM 135/3.5s). Adapters weigh about 60gms. I acknowledge that they're a bit longer than an M adapter, but RF telephotos are quite a bit longer than DSLR telephotos. It's the reverse of the WA situation - RF lenses are longer than DSLR lenses once the FL is longer than about 50mm. It's the combined length that counts. Here are some stats......

  • NEX - Leica M adapter 12mm long + Leica Apo Telyt 135mm/3.4 (105mm long) = Total 117mm long (& 515 gms).  Filter : 49mm
  • NEX - Pentax adapter 27mm + Pentax SMC M 135/3.5 (66mm long) = Total 93mm long (& 350gms).  Filter : 49mm
  • NEX - OM adapter 28mm + OM 135/3.5 (73mm long) = Total 101mm long (& 350gms).  Filter size 49mm.

Using a Leica M 135mm lens may indeed give you a very fine lens, but it will not get you a smaller or lighter 135mm lens. The Leica R SLR 135mm/2.8 lens is also shorter than the Leica M Apo Telyt 135mm, but unfortunately it is massively heavier at 730gms, so again, it might be one of those disproportionately large lenses for an A7. Same with the C/Y Zeiss 135mm. If small size and low weight are critical to you, lenses other than Leica will hold that advantage.

Cheers, Rod

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