Shutter speed minima on the X

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Shutter speed minima on the X

I don't know about everyone else, these are simply my own observations over the last year reduced to a formula; for me there are "comfortable" minimum shutter speeds which are higher that Fuji's defaults. I'm leaving aside the zooms here and all of this is with handheld in mind.

Prior to the latest firmware updates, Fuji used as defaults the 1/f (FF equiv) formula for minimum shutter speeds in Auto ISO; the 35 was 1/52 and the 27 was 1/42 and so on. Over time, I've lost a number of otherwise good shots to a bit of shake or blur and this has always been a niggle, so, often I would manually set shutter speed - 1/60 with the 23mm for a recent example.

Now we have settable minima with Auto ISO, I've immediately gone for the closest to 1/2f (FF equiv) and it has been interesting. What has dawned on me is that this is unnecessarily fast and I've readjusted my position The outcome as a rule of thumb is more like 1/(FF f + APS-C f).

With this rule, the 35 is 1/(52 + 35) = 1/87, the 27 is 1/(42 + 27) = 1/69 etc. In practice, one has to round up or down to the Auto ISO 1/3 stop speeds but the point is, now I'd use 1/80 for the 35 instead of 1/100 and expect to be in the comfort zone.

Confirmation seems to come from using my 90, where I've set 1/250 manually as a trouble-free starting point for a long time. This would be 1/(90 + 135) = 1/225, so it's reasonably close.

YMMV, natuarally, and bear in mind that I could be barking hatstand with way too much time on my hands

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