Nikon Df and 58g at Ballet

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Re: Nikon Df and 58g at Ballet

Ray Sachs wrote:

Great work as always Joe!

A couple of questions though. One of the chief criticisms in the review and elsewhere (well before) is that the AF really suffers in low light, which makes it more difficult to take advantage of one of the primary strengths - the camera's amazing low light sensor. This didn't seem to get in your way here, but then I haven't seen your cutting room floor! So how do you find the AF in low light compared to, say, the RX1, a camera I know we both have in common? I know the RX1 isn't fast, but I find it dead reliable - how's the Df?

One of the controls that conceptually really bugs me and has kept me on the sidelines here is the exposure comp dial on the LEFT shoulder and with a locking mechanism! I use exposure comp more on the fly than pretty much any other control on any camera and this position and the lock seem impossible to me. How have you found that? I don't think the ISO dial would bug me because I like Nikon's auto-ISO implementation more than anyone's, so I probably wouldn't be engaging the ISO dial much, but the exposure comp dial really scares me off.


Ray, there's zero issue with AF in low light. That aspect of the DPR review is just plain wrong (IMO). The concern about AF seems to be that it struggles on the outer AF points, but in honesty that applies to the D800 and D600 as well, so I don't understand why that point was flagged in the review. As it is, I find that AF is fast in all conditions on the central AF points. I was using it last night in a dark pub with zero issues.

The exposure comp dial hasn't proven a problem now I'm used to it, though I would observe I seem to use exposure comp a bit less on my Nikons than my other cameras.

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