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Re: Weddings are hard!

GordonSaunders wrote:

Having just been flamed (by people without links to their portfolios - fancy that) on another forum you have my sympathy. I've shot a few weddings and understand how little control you have of the people. Despite what some commentators expect, you aren't shooting supermodels and can't retake shots.

I have some constructive suggestions for you:

1) Use a zoom lens - if you've only one camera consider an 18-200. You don't have time to move around with a prime. That's possibly why some of your shots are a bit too tightly cropped for most tastes.

2) Use a flash to bounce some white light onto your subjects. Whether this is on-camera, on a stand or held by a helper would depend on your financial circumstances.

3) Take a lot of pics. For an average wedding you can expect to snap at least 2,000 times. This isn't because machine-gunning guarantees results but because everything moves so quickly that extra shots improve your chances of keepers.

4) Shoot in Raw. Exposure and colour balance problems can often be sorted after the event. It's a rare photographer who's always ready with the right white balance or exposure at a wedding.

5) Don't post shots on a site like this unless you've a thick skin. Alternatively, show pics of a cat or a boring landscape. Many of the harsher critics snap little else.

Your shots show the couple well isolated from the background. They look happy so you're reflecting the nature of the occasion well. These are more important skills than the technical ones because they often can't be taught. Take some positive advice and practise a lot and I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.

Good constructive suggestions.  Thanks.

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