Vibration of the A7R shutter compared to D3 and NEX-7 using a seismometer

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Comment about your test data

ferrellmc wrote:

Jefenator wrote:

Thanks for sharing!

FWIW I like the idea of the laser pointer test I read about on Luminous Landscape. Basically, you tape a laser pointer to the camera, aim it at a wall and if you can see the dot wiggle when the shutter fires, you might want to beef up your tripod.

In my test I discovered that mounting the camera on a tripod doesn't help the vibration. I added that graphic to the post. I used a Really Right Stuff carbon-fiber tripod and their ball head.

That is not surprising. Resting on a sturdy desk could be just as stable as your tripod setup.

What I find puzzling is the peak values of the a7r handheld data aren't all that different from that of the camera resting on the desk. Are the vertical scales different between the tests?  One would generally expect the observed response to be less with the camera more rigidly supported.

Watching the spot from a laser pointer dance on a wall is simple technique to evaluate camera support steadiness and the potential for motion blur yet it is very seldom mentioned.

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