Why is M4/3s "fun"

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Re: Why is M4/3s "fun"

One of M43's greatest strength (lens selection) might also be part of the reason it's not doing particularly better than other mirrorless formats, much less DSLR... The average consumer just isn't gonna move past the kit lens.

For me it's pretty much THE I jumped in tho... Granted I'm a total novice so maybe it's just the novelty of it all, but once I started researching the lenses available for M43 I just couldn't resist. I never got a DSLR because I just knew I wasn't gonna drag it around while rocking the tourist look (even tho serval family members have had Canons going back to the film era), and I definitely wasn't gonna lug a bag of lenses.

Stuff like the 20/1.7, 12-32, 14-42 X, 14-42 v2, 14/2.5, 45/1.8, 60/2.8, 9-18, etc will easily fit in a small waist/shoulder pack alongside a rangefinder style body; which is hugely appealing to me as I'm wayyyy more likely to put it to good use.

Even stuff like the 12-35 & 35-100 is still significantly smaller than the DSLR equivalents. The fact that there are larger yet still relatively compact bodies like the G6 in the same system that has an E-PM2 or GM1 makes me feel like I could change my usage case or needs and still be satisfied with the system. Getting a G6 for my mother and sharing lenses with her on occasion was in fact part of what sold me.

I don't know how marketable any of this really is to the average non-photography enthusiast buyer tho... It's easy to blame Panasonic/Olympus for failing there but harder to ignore the fact that most people inherently think larger = better and extra lenses are the last thing on their mind.

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