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Re: My first wedding was yesterday

jimoyer wrote:

You know, there is a LOT of stone throwing here. Yes, these images are NOT what you'd expect from a paid/professional wedding photographer. Yes, these images are a prime example that having a decent camera and perhaps even a decent amount of experience in photography doesn't make you a wedding photographer. Wedding photography is a whole different "beast" Yes, these are a great example of why I try to talk people who have no experience in doing paid wedding photography from going out on their own and doing weddings until they've gained some experience either shooting second camera to an established pro or at least doing it as a guest at a wedding that already has a paid photographer BUT..........

Rather than making wise assed remarks about buying glasses rather than a lens and things of that sort, how about we provide the OP with some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and recommend what he could/should have done differently to improve his images.

Fair comment, but read through the replies, good advice was given

- use flash/lighting

- get experience for postioning/framing as an assistant photog

- fix framing

In all honesty, just the light and framing would propably improve these snaps infinately, and I have never ever done the slightest bit of work professionally nor do I plan to.... there is a lot wrong with these and I can't help but feel that the OP's post should have been preceded by a "first weeding shoot coming up... need advice"

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