Vibration of the A7R shutter compared to D3 and NEX-7 using a seismometer

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Re: Electronic first curtain?

ferrellmc wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

Steen Bay wrote:

Chris_Downunder wrote:

Interesting test. Did you try the EFC on the NEX7?

Guess the test was performed without the electronic first curtain enabled on the NEX-7, because if EFC was enabled there shouldn't be any vibrations before and during the exposure (except maybe a bit from the aperture). A pity that the A7R doesn't have EFC like other recent Sony cameras (including the A7).

P.S. - Took another look and can see now that the electronic first curtain actually was ON on NEX-7... but if so, where does the vibrations before and during the exposure come from?

I saw exactly what you are saying, went back and checked 75 images, that image is EFC OFF, I mistakenly said it was ON. Thank you for pointing it out.

Good, because your chart clearly showed the first curtain opening in the vibrations

EFC ON should give you no vibration until the shutter closes, assuming you press the button without shaking.


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