What's you favorite Nikkor?

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Easy: 200/2G AFS VR (2nd place: 24/1.4G)

First place: Definitely the 200/2G

Pretty much the perfect marriage of a lens that tests quite well, is very, very, very sharp, but still has a personality and character. An extremely well done marriage between the art and science of lens design.

Nikon knocked one way, way, way out of the park with this one. I wish they'd do a 105 or 135 with this level of image quality - I'd be a buyer at anything short of 3 grand...

Second place goes to the 24/1.4G - not perfect (no wide is), but it gets things intrinsically correct in terms of wide angle rendering at this focal length, has tremendous contrast and bold, deep, strong colors, with none of the highlight muting or color cast issues of the otherwise nice 14-24. Professionally sharp both in the closer ranges and more distant ranges, for landscape work and landscape apertures, which is why it *always* is in the travel backpack, while other lenses come and go. This and the Zeiss 21 are why I sold my 14-24.....


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