Help Please - Which Camera?

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Re: Help Please - Which Camera?

You should ask yourself a few questions:

1.  Is it important that the camera is small enough to fit it a pocket or a purse?  If so, then the Olympus Stylus and Sony RX100 are good choices, forget about APS-C cameras, and the only micro 4/3 camera you should consider is the new Panasonic GM1.

2.  Is it essential to be able to shoot in low light or have a shallow depth of focus (have only your subject in focus with the foreground and background blurred)?  If so, then you will need a fast lens (captures lots of light; has a low "f" number) and a large sensor, such as micro 4/3 or APS-C.  Be warned that most "kit" lenses that come with cameras have rather "slow" lenses that are not particularly great at capturing low light and so you might need to buy a separate fast lens that would cost extra (e.g. about $400 for Panasonic's 20 mm f1.8).  The Sony RX100 has a fast lens (good in low light) when it is not zoomed-in, but the sensor is small which will make it hard to get a shallow depth of focus.

3….which brings me to my next question, which is do you want to be able to swap lenses?  Acquiring different lenses is a rather expensive hobby, but if you wish to grow as a photographer and take full advantage of the capabilities on an interchangeable lens camera, then…welcome!

4.  Do you want LOTS of zoom?  Take a look at Panasonic FZ200 which has lots of zoom and quite a fast lens (good for low light), albeit a small sensor.

5.  Do  you want the best video around?  Then get one of the newer Panasonic m4/3 cameras.

If you want an interchangeable lens camera, but you would like to keep the size and weight down, then I would chose m4/3 over APS-S because the camera bodies AND the lenses are smaller (Panasonic G6 is a good affordable choice, or the slightly older G5 for a discount if you can find one).  You will find that most people on this forum are, like I, biased toward m4/3.  If you want the sexiest damn camera around and you are willing to spend a few bucks, then get the Panasonic GX7 and the aforementioned 20 mm/f1.8 lens!

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