Speed and other comparisons after firmware update X-E1 vs X-E2

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Speed and other comparisons after firmware update X-E1 vs X-E2

Have been waiting until after I could update the firmware in both the X-E2 and the lenses. Have done a rather unscientific little test and found that the X-E1 is more than useable, not really a slouch, but the X-E2 a tad faster.

Since I personally am more interested as to how speed translates into real life scenarios I took both cameras and pointed the 60mm at 3 different point in our house, a picture frame, approximately 80cm away, a lampshade, around 4 metres away and a candle around 50cm away. Did this little lock-focus game with both cameras in moderate light and found that the X-E1 felt like a 3-4 fps camera whereas the X-E2 felt like a 6-7 fps camera, unscientifically spoken, the X-E1 was doing pata-pong whereas the X-E2 was doing pat-pong (no reference to Bangkok intended! never liked that area anyway...) ...

Not very purist, I know, but let me just say that the X-E2 feels more responsive, that was to be expected, but would the faster AF be worth the upgrade?

Like so many things in life, if you have the money and have spent an extra 5.000,00 for an extra NAIM Power Supply or 500.00 for some interconnects and you have the money, then sure, why not. If you don't have the money but feel like Fuji, then the X-E1 is a true steal IMO!

Of course there are more little things like the split screen manual focus aid (love it!!!) and the separate x180/sec selector (I work in the studio now and again, so this is a true bonus!) but apart from that? X-E1 still a fantastic camera! Won't sell the X-E1 as yet, but for studio work, legacy glass and faster AF, I will take the X-E2 ... (ah, forgot: the EVF in dim light ... excellent, whereas the X-E1 not all that groovy...).

Ah, yes, maybe one more thing: I could not verify that the X-E1 files are any better/sharper etc than the X-E2 files, I guess I couldn't even be bothered to do any deep analysis of the files, I just for now assume that they are both of excellent quality. This of course might be a different issue when using apertures beyond 11 when diffrction kicks in, will test this in the studio soon and see what the corrections do. I use Capture One 7 Pro so not really expecting anything revolutionary anyway.



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