Just unwrapped a 12-40mm lens...wow is an understatement.

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Re: Just unwrapped a 12-40mm lens...wow is an understatement.

lambert4 wrote:

I sold old my PL25mm, Oly 12-50, Oly 45 and bought this beauty based on user thoughts and need for something faster and wider than the 12-50 allowed. I have to say it is the most stout feeling lens I have picked up for the micro four thirds system. I have the 35-100/2.8 and love it I really struggled as many here have with the 12-35 Panasonic or 12-40 Olympus. For me the close focusing distance and new in camera CA correction is a big deal.

i have yet to download the images but the quick snapshots I am chomping on my EM5 look as good as any of my other lens. And the AF is lightening quick. The size is bigger than I expected but in a very acceptable way the large diameter makes MF smoother, and the dampening on the zoom ring and focus ring is exceptional (firm yet smooth). The snap focus ring functions just like the 17/1.8 but the focus seems more intuitive and less "by wire".

so far I am extremely happy. Hopefully there will be a few images to share soon. I really thought about the EM1 combo either for monetary savings on a lens or because newer is always better (joking) but honestly this lens on the EM5 even with no HLD-6 grip is really nice and secure.

I cannot wait for some shutter time now to get out and play. I tried to use the 12-50 a few more times this past month hoping to convince myself it was sufficient at the wide end, but alas I just didn't connect. this is a serious improvement, and the close focus is within a inch of the hood even at 40mm I am not a macro guy but liked the ability to get in tight sometimes this is more than enough for me.

I have the lens since about 2 weeks. Like you i was concerned with the size at first. But i was carrying it for most of time on a long weekend trip to San Francisco, and it felt just right. I cannot really talk about mechanical quality other than that it feels great. However, the optical quality is great. I use it with an EM1 and really love the combination. Very responsive, great handling.

Some shots:






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