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Re: Why ETTR?

GeorgianBay1939 wrote:

Ysbrand Galama wrote:

Can someone explain to me why I should expose to the right (ETTR) in low light conditions.

Let's take an example to explain what I do not understand. Let's say my camera measures F2.0, 1/50th and ISO 800 (no over- or under exposure). I want to ETTR so I set my camera to F2.0, 1/50th and ISO 1600.

Why would ISO 1600 give better results than ISO 800? I maybe exposing to the right, but also the sensor noise increases, negating the effect.

I must be missing something.


It seems that you are using ISO as an EXPOSURE variable, which it isn't. (You are not alone!)

This is correct.

To better understand the mechanics of ETTR read Gollywop's excellent two page article on Exposure vs Brightening.

With a mirrorless camera proper ETTR (using blinkies/live view histogram as your primary exposure aid and your meter as a secondary) helps a lot when shooting wide luminance range subjects in RAW.

Just a reminder that those blinkies/histogram apply to the resultant JPEG only. No camera on the market AFAIK feature a raw sensor histogram or overexposure display.

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