What do I need to do my own newborn/baby photos?

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Re: What do I need to do my own newborn/baby photos?

There are several issues here. I agree, just use available light. Flash it too harsh. You won't be taking professional portraits but you're going to be taking a zillion images and some will be extraordinary.

That was me as a grandfather. Now me as a pediatrician. First, the flash won't hurt the baby's eyes. There's no evidence of that although I'd not want any of my patients to have repeated flashes directly in the eyes at close range.

Second, about the delivery. Someone said don't use flash as it will distract the doctors, nurses, etc. I don't think so, but I'd suggest turning your camera off at least until the baby is born.

Your child's mother needs you to be with her and helping her, not fiddling around with a camera. Also, by paying attention to the camera, you're going to be distracted from what is one of the most important experiences of your life.

Before the delivery there's nothing you want to photograph. You might think the first few seconds of life, baby in the OB's hands would be a good subject but that's not likely to be something your wife wants recorded for posterity. Follow the baby to the heating table if you must and shoot over people's heads. Better yet, don't turn on your camera until all the excitement is over.

When the baby is in your wife's arms and yours, that's something for you to experience directly. Don't ruin it for yourself by using a camera.

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