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Re: Fuji X30 wants

VaLeX wrote:

A radically different approach, inspired by the new APS-C Sigma 17-35 F 1.8 lens.

My ideal camera would be a Fuji X20 with a tweaked sensor, but a 27-95 (3.5 X) F1.8 constant aperture lens. Make it weather proof and with a tilt LCD and I'm sold! And maybe some more information in the optical viewfinder.

So basically I want a radically new lens

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Though your proposal seems interesting, VaLeX, I wouldn't demand much more on the current 28-112mm FUJINON F2.0-2.8 4x Lens... than a new range of aorund 24, 25 or even 26 through 120 @ F 2.0 constant aperture lens (if feasable), along with a much better and bigger sensor. 
What I found I mostly appreciate in this X-X0 line, is the overall experience.

Rgds, C

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