Have your say: the WORST DSLR of 2013 (with poll this time)

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Re: Have your say: the WORST DSLR of 2013 (with poll this time)

peevee1 wrote:

ragmanjin wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

I nominate Canon SL1/100D.

It is basically t2i released 4 years ago (same 18 mpix sensor with minor modification of non-working OSPDAF for the cost of slightly worse performance, same ~4 fps, same or very similar pentamirror 95% 0.87x viewfinder, same screen, same shutter) but with significantly reduced battery life, weaker flash, mono mic instead of stereo and horribly unergonimic grip which is impossible to grip (too small) but also impossible to cradle in the base of the palm like a compact (too thick).

Other candidates would include:

Canon's own T5i (definitely in the running being just a reissue of the 2012 T4i, but better battery life, better flash and articulated screen save it from the ultimate embarrassment);

Pentax k-500 (but much better battery life, good ergonomics, better flash, 2 control dials, 1/600 shutter and pentaprism VF exclude it from the competition);

Nikon D5300 (better battery life, better flash, articulated screen, better sensor and GPS save it).

Shouldn't this have the same camera list as the Best of poll?

No, why would it? I was trying to list the best candidates for the worst, not the best candidates for the best.

If it did I would vote for either the T5i or D610, they're both the previous model repackaged and released within a year of the one before it to cover up bad PR.

So what? D610 is still a good camera, far better than anything on the list. And t5i IS on the list - you can vote for it if you think it is worse than SL1.

Or the Sony SLT because SLT.

Sony haven't one anything as bad as the candidates above. Although A58 is pretty bad, forgot to add it to the list, sorry.

Then what is the k500 doing on your list. That's damn fine entry level. Hate the lack of focus lights though.

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