"The full frame myth"

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forpetessake wrote:

Model Mike wrote:

Great article on Luminous Landscape re full frame v. MFT v. APS-C


It's an interesting article, but misses the important technology trends.

Lets take APS-C or m4/3 cameras and now imaging the new cameras have the same size, weight, price, same pixel density, but only FF sensors inside. Would a consumer then buy a camera with a crop sensor? Of course, not! Even though they may not need anything beyond basics, nobody wants less than they can have. And that's what technological advances are doing. There will be little to no differences from the point view of manufacturing costs producing bodies with different size sensors. Just as it was in the film days, there weren't any real advantages offered by APS cameras, so they were always just a tiny niche. Digital will come to the same point eventually.

It remains an interesting topic that also determined the fate of Olympus over the last 10 years. They felt that the 4/3 sensor size would be optimal for digital photography with an eye on the future. They designed very expensive dedicated lenses, an incredible investment if you realize how costly many of these lenses were. What the rise and demise of 4/3 showed, was that digital photography is only barely out of its infancy. The technology has evolved rapidly with stunning results, but as a system it is still constantly changing and searching. 35mm film as the main allround system was the results of decades of evolving, and was very reliable and comfortable to invest in. Digital photography has been a money devouring monster over the past decade for quite a few: expensive bodies with a short lifespan, experimenting with different and incompatible systems (getting into and out of 4/3 was expensive), because the one allround and affordable and more universal system has not crystallized yet.

When thé allround body at 800,- will be mainstream, the system will have really grown up. Perhaps 10 years from now it will be a FF sensor size, >54 mp with very large dynamic range, multiple crop modes EVF (purely cost wise) body that costs 800,- and it will all be about the lenses again. The images that are shown in the article are all very much in crop sensor territory, what crop sensors do so well. From the years of shooting Olympus, I know how stellar it was at telephoto length, because of the inherent sharpness of the system. The crop mode should make it as a standard in the compact and relatively light all-round FF camera bodies of the future. The Pentax body of the future will probably take áll Pentax lenses and shoot all of these lenses the way they were intended. But to stay limited to crop mode will in a few years be just silly, probably...

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