Had me some time with a Df...

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Dave Sanders Senior Member • Posts: 2,323
Had me some time with a Df...

...and came to some quick conclusions.

- It is as good looking as I though it would be. Damn pretty in black. Me like.

- The grip was better than I thought it would be. Maybe I've spent too much time with my E-M5 and RX1 but the grip felt 'just right' to me. A nice modern update of the ol' rectangular brick. Big enough to be useful, at least for me. And my hands are large.

- I don't like the physical exposure compensation dial and its location. I found it a pain to use while at eye level...would much rather have seen that on the right where I could move it quickly with my thumb. If I get a Df, I'll task exposure comp to the rear dial as I do on my other cams.

- As I thought I would, I love the ISO dial. I don't know why, but I do. Not a perfect implementation, perhaps, but there is something about staring down at a camera and quickly being able to see ISO. Ditto shutter speed. Being able to get to 'B' so quickly is awesome. With a manual lens, being able to see aperture, shutter speed and ISO on physical controls at a glance is great, especially for doing tripod work or just working in M mode in general.

- I don't like all the buttons on the back. Yeah yeah, I know it keeps the whole Nikon control gestalt but I still say that I would like this camera to have been even more 'retro'. I'll admit to being an unabashed fan of the retro look and I think Nikon should have gone even further and eliminated or consolidated a bunch of the buttons/controls. I dunno...kill everything on the right side and just give me a small joystick where the AF-ON is to control all AF functions. Or something like that. Anyways, less buttons, more retro, more better.

- A modern implementation or re-imagination of MF. I dunno, a sliding focus distance and DOF scale in the viewfinder. As is I didn't find the Df any different for MF than any other Nikon DSLR.

- Very nice weight in the hand. Not too heavy, not to light...balances very well with primes. I think the criticisms of 'hollow feeling' or whatever are off base. Felt just right for me.

Overall, I was impressed. Very nice camera. Beautiful and functional. I hope Nikon continues to follow this path and creates a range of cameras like this. More retro would be better for me, but I may be in the minority there. Really doesn't have the feel of my F3 but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps too expensive for what it is but, as an RX1 owner, I'm pretty sure I'm never allowed to complain about anything being overpriced...

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Dave Sanders

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