"The full frame myth"

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missing the point

Model Mike wrote:

Great article on Luminous Landscape re full frame v. MFT v. APS-C


It's an interesting article, but misses the important technology trends.

Lets take APS-C or m4/3 cameras and now imaging the new cameras have the same size, weight, price, same pixel density, but only FF sensors inside. Would a consumer then buy a camera with a crop sensor? Of course, not! Even though they may not need anything beyond basics, nobody wants less than they can have. And that's what technological advances are doing. There will be little to no differences from the point view of manufacturing costs producing bodies with different size sensors. Just as it was in the film days, there weren't any real advantages offered by APS cameras, so they were always just a tiny niche. Digital will come to the same point eventually.

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