What do I need to do my own newborn/baby photos?

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Heyseuss Hoolio
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Re: What do I need to do my own newborn/baby photos?

Are referring to in hospital birth photos as well?  I have experience in this and you must be prepared.

I took in my E-P1 to do this.

As others have mentioned, don't use a flash, you don't want to be distracting the nurses and doctor when the baby is being delivered, or even flash the newborns eyes out since this is the first time exposed to light (even through their eyelids).  I'd recommend a fast lens unless you want to bump up your ISO pretty high, because even though there's light in the room(s) it's actually not very bright at all so a fast lens is a must.  Something that autofocuses fast too because there will be a lot of movement and split second photos, you don't want to be trying to focus when once in a lifetime things are happening.  Then of course, be prepared to put the camera into auto or something easy so the nurses can take photos of you and the baby as well without being totally confused when they look at your camera, face detect focus works well for this.

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