Price Drop ($672) for GR but not Coolpix A

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Re: Nikon dropped the Coolpix A's other shoe.

Harold66 wrote:

well in France and Belgium ( not sure about the rest of Europe) the Nikon A had dropped a lot and is basically same price as Ricoh GR

As mentioned above, in Netherlands they have been the same price too (around EUR 700) from about October, when both were available.

Currently the GR is slightly cheaper at a few dealers, those are probably special offers for the end of the year. My impression is that both are selling in very small numbers. Most dealers don't sell them at all, and if they do just a few accessories are available. My guess is that the same pricing policy applies for a good part of the Eurozone.

I think there is a lot of room for discounts with these cameras when they can sell more than initially planned; the production cost must be relatively small (but the development cost relatively high), probably similar to the average quality compact. The consumer price will depend strongly on marketing strategy (and if/when other directly competing cameras arrive on the scene).

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