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honeyiscool wrote:

Zoran K wrote:

Thanks to evrybody.

Which camera body would you suggest as the best overall performer today ?

The best quality zoom lens attached to that body probably would be Olympus 12-40/2.8.

I'd go in this order:

1. E-M1: Pretty much has everything every camera in M43 has, with the glaring fault being a mediocre video codec, though it somewhat makes up for it with amazing IBIS and mic input, making it an underrated run-and-gun video shooter. Also a bit big for M43, but really, amazing camera.

2. GX7: Has a good style and jammed full of features. But lack of mic input is perplexing. Pretty much an E-P5 with better video codec, an EVF, and worse IBIS. Also better flash than the E-P5 as it bounces.

3. E-P5: While a bit overpriced, still has 5-axis IBIS, built-in flash, 1/8000 shutter, 1/320 sync, focus peaking, and astounding looks. I think if it had a built-in EVF or was $200 cheaper, would be a best seller, though the EVF would make it worse for me because I like the form factor. Also, I wish the flash would bounce, and the use of a touch button instead of a slider for flash release was a bit perplexing, but I do just fine. I think it's the best incognito camera because it really doesn't look like much of a camera but there's almost nothing it can't do.

4. GH3: While eclipsed by other cameras in features that sometimes matter (no focus peaking, only a 1/4000 shutter, etc.), the GH3 has three things none of these cameras will touch. Excellent movie mode (best in the entire business, IMO) w/ mic input and headphone output, fully articulating screen, and just the best damn handling of any camera on the list. Very decent built-in flash, as well.

5. E-M5: The only problem with the E-M5 is that everything E-M5 does well, the E-M1 does better, whereas the GH3 still has a few things that nothing on the market will touch. But if you want 90% of what the E-M1 does in a tighter, better looking package w/ used prices at half of what the E-M1 costs, it's absolutely the best overall.

Personally, I roll with a combination of E-P5 (for portability) and GH3 (for everything else). There's nothing the two can't cover.

Thanks honeyiscool.

I am looking for camera with totally silent shutter. As far as I understand, some of these models doesn't offer that option.

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