Michael Reichmann's take on smaller full frame Sony FE mount lenses

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Re: Totally different measure

Anders W wrote:

Why wouldn't the three measures I focus on be just as relevant for what is discussed here than the one you focus on?

One because of the derivation as opposed simply reading off of the graph. Two because my opinion is that most people are talking about mid-tone noise as the most significant advantage of larger sensors. That deep into the shadows you are talking mostly about minor differences in read noise which really doesn't depend as strongly on sensor size.

Most people want to know:

  • given an acceptable noise threshold (DxO uses 30db for SN 18% for low light)
  • what's the minimum "equivalent" exposure that gives the same amount noise and midtone brightness for a fixed size output.

How do you know that this is what most people want to know?

Because by numbers, at least 40% are Canon shooters and Canon sensors do poorly at base ISO DR. So I only need 10% of others to agree

The DR at high ISOs tells more about shadow noise, and shadow noise is what people typically finds most bothersome at higher ISOs.

It depends on what you shoot in low light. For example if you shoot stage performances, DR/shadow noise could be more important. If you shoot indoor sports (i.e. a typical high school gym), midtone noise could be more important.   Shadow noise can be visually minimized for some types of shots by increasing the black level or differential noise reduction (i.e. do you need detail in your shadows? You certainly need it in your mid-tones.)

Neither of the two DR-related measures of efficiency that I use depends on the full-well capacity of the sensor. They are a matter of quantum efficiency and read noise only.

There is some strange non-linearity in the DR graphs  that's not in the other graphs.

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