Nikon Df and 58g at Ballet

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Re: Nikon Df and 70-200

Ray Sachs wrote:

Thanks Joe. I guess the state of the art for DSLR AF is just so high compared to mirrorless (the m43 gear is damn good for AF-S but not there yet for tracking) that even complaint-worthy DSLR AF is still probably amazing by my standards. Good to hear that the exposure comp wasn't a problem - it sounds like it's worth a try at the very least. I haven't shot with a camera anywhere near this large in many years and I have my doubts. But the IQ of the RX1 has spoiled me to an extent that I feel the need to check out one of the relatively smaller full frame bodies and see how the whole thing feels. If I like it, I could easily consolidate around something like this and the Nikon A for street work and become an almost all-Nikon guy. Although I think I'd probably hang onto the EM1 and a couple of longer lenses for family stuff and the rare really long telephoto stuff I do. The size advantage with m43 for long lenses in particular is pretty overwhelming. And for informal portraits, not much can beat that 75 f1.8...

Ray, I have always admired your photography and your well thought out balanced approach with equipment. Here's an opinion that may help.

Although I'm not thoroughly pleased with the Df, I do think this camera may be the best street DSLR available today. Why? One, the sensor is superb and the images I've taken in low light are the best I've ever seen. Two, As you have well documented, Nikon's auto iso implementation is really good and easily configured to maintain high enough shutter speed. And I find the EC dial easy to adjust and fun to use. Three, can't complain about the size and weight of the camera with a small prime. I've done street work with a medium format camera and the D3s so I'm willing to put up with a big camera if there is real benefit. I can carry the Df in my hand all day (I use a wrist strap for security) and it feels fine. Four, the shutter is reasonably quiet. I prefer silence like the V1, Rx1, GR and so on, but the DF is not bad at all.

With all that said, the Df is a camera that needs to be handled and used before a decision to purchase is made. Kind of like a putter.

So now I sit here scratching my head over the Df. I remember a movie where the girlfriend was beautiful but had hideous or large feet. The Df is kind of like that.

Don't look at the feet!

You always give good advice.

Amazing images, yet again, with the longer lens...

Thanks Ray.

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