Michael Reichmann's take on smaller full frame Sony FE mount lenses

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Right, overall there is not a 2 stops difference

Erik Magnuson wrote:

Lab D wrote:

So for noise it is usually less than 2 stops,

The theoretical is 1.94 stops. The A7r sensor 30dB noise threshold is merely 1.86 stop better

But as you know it varies for different ISOs and overall it is not 2 stops (and you agree).

and for the some o fthe other measurements around 1 stop. Never (for the EM1) is there a 2 stop difference for all the measurements.

Who/what predicts there would be two stops for ALL measurements?

Right again, they should not.  When people throw out a blanket statement that there is a 2 stops difference they are wrong.   Overall, there is not.  If you adjust the EM1 2 stops to try to make the noise equal, for msot ISOs DR surpasses a camera like the A7 by 1 stop, color sensitivity ends up being better and noise ends up slightly better too.

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