Michael Reichmann's take on smaller full frame Sony FE mount lenses

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Re: Michael Reichmann's take on smaller full frame Sony FE mount lenses

Clayton1985 wrote:

It's pretty disappointing when you use an example intended solely to find a problem... and you don't go for the home run...

This would be more like $15,000 and 9 pounds!


Does everyone feel even better about their m4/3 camera now?

Never have felt bad about my m43 cameras to be honest, they cover much of my shooting, but lag in Landscapes, but have caught up tremendously with the newer lens and sensors…still like the A7r, BUT it would be great if it had more than two lens to go with it!

No, Clayton not slagging it, I hate the 4/3's adapters just as much as I hate the Sony adapters, work arounds are all these adapters are…not for me at all…HOPE the 24-70 FE is as good as the Oly 12-40 or Panny 12-35, and I'll be more than happy…also an UW 24mm FE as good as 12mm end of the 12-40, which I think will be easily accomplished, liked the Nex-7 and 10-18, but the magenta color shift was irritating…going to hold it a little longer to see if FE UW develops and is decent...

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