Will the new NEX-7 have a hump?

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Will the new NEX-7 have a hump?

It appears that Sony is finally getting around to updating the NEX-7. Speaking purely for myself I say it's about time. I happen to think that the NEX-7 is the best form factor for mirrorless cameras that exists today. All that the new camera needs – in my humble opinion of course – are a few simple tweaks:

• upgraded sensor (24MPX size is fine, just give me more DR)

• better, faster AF (just a little improvement would be fine)

• a better menu system (like the A-7)

• better remote release capabilities (a wired remote so I can do HDR easier)

• better autoexposure bracketing (make it independent of shooting mode)

• touchscreen interface

• GPS and Wi-Fi (not very important, but useful at times)

These are all features and capabilities that are already available in other cameras, many from Sony even. But keep that Tri-Navi and the size just as is.

Unfortunately it seems that Sony is on a big hump track. Looking at the sansmirror.com website Thom Hogan shows a chart saying that those of us in North America and Europe seem to prefer DSLRs over mirrorless cameras. Sony's new A-7 twins have a hump making them look like little DSLRs. The new RX-10 has a hump. The ILC-3000 has a hump. Sony, please, say NO to the hump! The hump just gets in the way. It makes the camera harder to pack in any camera bag you can think of. It's an ugly carbuncle on top of your camera that does no good. If mirror-less got rid of the mirror to save space, why can't we have hump-less? I mean, Leica has no hump. They never had a hump. Going all the way back to 1932; no hump. (I am of course speaking of the classic Lecia's not the R-series or S-series).

Embrace hump-less!!

Sony Alpha NEX-7
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