"The full frame myth"

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Re: "The full frame myth"

awaldram wrote:

This made me laugh

"North Americans stick to their large cameras, want full frame, and don't seem to mind lugging large and heavy systems around as they travel."

Perhaps a Harley - Pentax mashup...   The great American motorcycle meets that great (Japanese)American camera.   Leather and chrome...

A full frame camera need not be large nor heavy.  But you need FF glass to put in front of it, and Pentax would have a lot of work to do to re-create a FF lens lineup.  IMO, this is the big sticking point.  Pentax doesn't care that I have 6 FF lenses I could use, they want to sell me the camera and another $6K in lenses.

Sure, FF could given you better IQ.  But many people don;t even understand what is giving them "bad" IQ today.   The answer might surprise you.   Would a FF sensor really produce better IQ in terms of cost-performance?   Unlikely for most of the shooting people do, but then again, those people would be worried about this already have a medium format camera because they are IQ crazy, and even FF would seem a compromise.

The K-3, on the other hand, addresses several of the features that make the K-series unsuitable for critical / professional work.   The dual memory card with RAID-1 being the biggy.   You can shoot professional work on any of these cameras, you cannot, however, "be" a professional if you risk those once in a lifetime shots to a single memory card or single camera even.   I would not feel as if I am taking a risk with the K-3 compared to the K-5 in this respect.

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