Sony Colour from JPEG vs Colorchecker and ACR Photoshop.

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Sony Colour from JPEG vs Colorchecker and ACR Photoshop.


This late evening, I have recently fine tune my own way.

I shot these photos with RAW and JPEG on a color checker. Camera set to all default and use Sony standard creative style.

I opened up ACR in photoshop CC. in RAW all 0 setting except colour calibration set to Camera standard not Adobe Standard and imported into photoshop.

I opened JPEG inside photoshop.

Then I use the info and use the picker to see the Hue and Saturation number to compare both sides.

I add or minus for each R, G, B for both Hue and saturation.

I returned to ACR again for Raw image, set to camera standard, the rest are all 0. In the R, G, B I set the numbers. And then opened again to photoshop to compare with JPEG. I was very happy it is fairly close in colours to the JPEG original Sony Standard Colour.

I tried the DNG Profile editor, still a bit too green in skies I don't like it.

I tried the Xrite Passport checker software, too magenta in red. No way.

I reckon the calibration software is unable to fine tune as close as to Sony original colours straight off JPEG from camera.

So it is better off for me to fine tune my own way and Im happy with it.

Soon, I might make a mimic of Canon 5D MKII into Sony Standard so it can make it look like Canon colours. It is good fun to try that out see what its like.

Everyone has their own taste of calibration though, so its everyone opinion.

The most important part that people should not ignore it are:

The skies should be part of blue group and it does have slight green tinge or aqua in lower atmosphere if you look far away. It should not have excessive green or aqua tinge. So it match as what you see in real life. And blue must not contain too much magenta cast.

Red should be red, no too orange, no too magenta, not even slight.

Green group should be very important, no too yellow/green and no too blue/green at all. Period.

If it is a bit off or so, it will look strange if you see it on your computer and your eyes will likely have some disagreement over it and tell your brain that is not right. You shouldn't ignore what brain tells you. With exception colour blind people need to be caution with it.

It is not worth wasting time with colorchecker calibration software, its not close enough to what you see straight off the JPEG.

Anyway I stop ranting and dribble. lol

I hope everyone have a great xmas and New Year. Keep taking picture, enjoy your time.


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