Camera Economics | The Life and Curious Afterlife of the Casio Tryx

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Re: Camera Economics | The Life and Curious Afterlife of the Casio Tryx

I remember seeing this when it came out and thought it was interesting but the frame seemed thicker than it needed to be and I couldn't quite see how it could be used as a tripod.   About a year ago I developed an urge for a portable wide angle solution and this came up as the only compact with a lens wider than 24mm equivalent.  But when I looked I was surprised to see that is wasn't for sale anywhere.

I think casio probably thought they had a novel design that would appeal to ordinary people browsing for compact cameras in a store.  But a normal person is unlikely to understand the significance of the lens, and the frame thing doesn't quite work enough to make it seem more convenient than an iphone.  So it wont have sold as casio expected.

But what they actually created was a camera with a unique feature for an enthusiast.  It certainly is the slimmest camera with a lens that wide.  I think this combined with its novelty has made it live on after death.   I wouldn't pay $400 for it though.

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